Charles M Miller

The task ahead of you is never as great as the power behind you.

Hello! My name is Charles M Miller, I’m 27 years of age. I founded Mo Charge Inc in August 2016. Creating versatile power packs was merely a thought/imagination hovering in my mind. Growing up I always fixed and built things around the home, including one of my greatest childhood inventions, a wooden iron-board on wheels with a built-in compartment for storing the iron, hangers and spray starch. Not to mention when I broke my favorite sunglasses and there were no parts available from the company to fix it. I went to a hardware store and purchase items to create a self-made hinge to revive my favorite eye-wear accessory. My parents saw something unique in me, in regard to my talents and creativity. While being a high school student, 17 years of age, they enrolled me in a technical school on the weekends to sharpen and broaden my skills. I’ve succeeded the course and receive the highest grading amongst my fellow classmates who were all twice or more my age. To this day I still surprise myself, when I think of great ideas that can solve many problems people face.



His Story

How it all happened…

One day after doing a complete re-haul of my bedroom to my liking and rearranging my bed in the ideal position in the room, I was greatly satisfied. Until it was time to charge my phone. All the electrical outlets in the room were either blocked by furniture or too far out of reach from my bed. And the traditional three feet (3ft) charging cord wouldn’t suffice. I immediately realize this was a problem not only for me, but for many other people as well. I automatically knew something great was coming. The idea of creating power on the go without the use of wires and restrictions was the dream and goal.

Prototype after prototype, I always felt there were improvement to be made. Improvements that would put our products ahead of any competitor, and improvement that will satisfy all mobile device user desires or demands for their mobile device. Now I’m completely satisfied with offering the world, The Mo Charge ‘Vertex1’.


Leap! And grow your wings on the way down.