Mo Charge Inc is an innovative electronic company who specialize in the art of versatility, bringing many important valuable users’ needs together and assembling into one, industry changing, state of the art device.  At Mo Charge Inc, we are known for creating the World’s greatest,versatile, universal and portable wireless charger ever made, the Vertex 1. We provide our customers with more options than our competitors and at almost half the price. Mo Charge Inc is known to create quality diverse power packs with many capabilities at a reasonable cost. The Mo Charge Vertex 1, is the most advanced and equipped portable wireless charging power pack on the planet. At Mo Charge Inc, we enhance your mobile electronic experience.

Your favorite charger company!

The meaning of our name comes from the commonly used term “Mo”, traditionally meaning more. In our case, “Mo” means ‘more’ and ‘mobile’, followed by Charge. (More Charge + Mobile Charge = Mo Charge)


We take great pride in providing value to all mobile device owners. Our all in one diverse concept, incorporate many user needs into one cutting-edge device. These features should put us at the top of your wish list.

With the Vertex 1, we provide our customers with a powerful quality rechargeable battery on the go with up to thirty hours (30hrs) extra battery life, two (2) wireless charging  zones along with a built-in USB output port to provide charge to another electronic device with the appropriate charging wire, built-in suction cups which helps to hold your device in the ideal wireless charging zones, a built-in Bluetooth loud speaker with up to forty-five (45ft) range, a built in retractable kickstand which allows you to recline your device into an angle suitable to you and to also allow you to participate in a video call or watch movies/videos hands-free and a built-in headphone and a recharging jack combination, compatible with the lightning cable (Apple) and USB-C (Android) charging wires. All these features purchased separately has an average total cost of four hundred dollars ($400.00). Our Mo Charge Vertex 1 is  $335 cheaper!



At Mo Charge Company Inc, we take great pride in creating a lot of value, for a lot of people. We strive to impact & change people’s lives positively, by adding simplicity with our products and removing inconvenience. Our products are crafted with care and constructed with detailed expertise. It is very important to us, to assist our customers with getting the best experience out of their mobile devices.



C. Micah Miller

Creating versatile power packs was merely a thought/imagination hovering in my mind.

Christen J. Miller

Co Founder of Mo Charge Inc
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Shaquille 'Shaq' Cleare

Co Founder of Mo Charge Inc


Our Staff

Unique individuals that share the same goal.

At Mo Charge Inc, we have a great group of unique individuals who share the same goal, which is Customer Satisfaction. Each member is very creative and loves to solve problems. Our staff is unique in their own separate way, and skillful in their craft. Each member brings a special touch to our company and products. We are delighted to satisfy your needs & demands. Thank you for considering our company. We welcome you to be a part of ‘Mo World’, where Satisfaction is a Guarantee!