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  • Is the Vertex1 charger waterproof?

    No. Mo Charge will be making waterproof chargers in the near future.

  • What is the battery size in the Vertex1?


  • What is the battery life in the Vertex1?

    The battery life varies depending on the usage and the number of apps and programs being used.

  • How many things can I charge at once using the Vertex1?

    Three devices can be charged all at the same time. Two devices can be charged wirelessly, and the other device can receive charge via the appropriate/compatible USB charging wire.

  • Is the Vertex1 the only product that the Mo Charge company make?

    As of February 2020, yes, the Vertex1 is the only product the Mo Charge currently have for sale. Mo Charge will release a versatile charger for tablets and laptops later in 2020.

  • Can the Vertex1 charge every phone?

    ? Yes. The Vertex1 can charge every phone on the planet. Charging varies based on the phone and its model. Some phones have wireless charging capability and others don’t. The Vertex1 can provide charge wirelessly and through a USB charging wire.

  • Does the speaker in charger Bluetooth?

     Yes, the speaker in the Vertex1 has Bluetooth capability.

  • What is the Bluetooth speaker distance?

    The speaker in the Vertex1 has a range up to forty-five feet (45ft). 

  • When should I recharge my Vertex1?

    You can recharge the Vertex1 at any time when it needs charging. The light indicators show the remaining battery level. There are four lights in total. One emitted light being the lowest and four emitted lights being the highest. There are five light indicators. The top light indicator is solely for Bluetooth and the other four lights show the battery level.

  • How long does it take to fully charge the Vertex1?

    The charge time varies depending on the input charging source. Such as the wall outlet, computer port, car adaptor or portable powerbank. This can be approximately two- three hours depending on the charging outlet or charging source.

  • What’s the battery life for the Vertex1?

    The Vertex1 has a 5,000mAh battery. Depending on what you decide to charge will determine the battery life. If the Vertex1 is fully charged, it will charge the average smartphone two full cycles. If the Vertex1 is fully charged, it will charge the average wireless earbuds up to fifteen complete cycles. If the Vertex1 is fully charged, it will charge the average smartwatch up to sixteen complete cycles.

  • Can I charge my electronic devices from the Vertex1 in my purse/bag?

    Yes, you can. 

  • How do I know when the Vertex1 is fully charged?

    When the Vertex1 is fully charged, it will be shown through the four light indicators, with four being the max/highest. When the Vertex1 is recharging, the four light indicators will be illuminated when the its battery is fully charged. When the Vertex1 is not recharging, press the power button to see the battery life, if full, the four light indicators will be illuminated. The Vertex1 has a total of five light indicators, the fifth or highest light indicator represents the Bluetooth being on or connected to a device. 

  • How do I know when the Vertex1 battery is about to die?

    The Vertex1 has four light indicators which show the remaining/current battery life. With four being fully charged and one being at its lowest. When the battery gets extremely low, the first light or lowest indictor will start to blink.

  • Is it safe to charge my Vertex1 from a wall socket with a device connected to it?

    The Vertex1 was designed to receive and provide charge to another device simultaneously.

  • How long does it take the Vertex1 to fully charge my device?

    This depends on what the device is currently doing. If your device is at rest and not being used by you for any reason, then this device will charge way faster than if you’re using the device. Running apps and software will also affect the recharging speed. This also depends on the current device being charged. Devices differ from each other; some has larger batteries and special requirements. The Vertex1 has a 5,000mAh battery. Please search the battery size in your device to get a better understanding.

  • What all devices are supported using the Vertex1?

    The Vertex1 is designed to charge all smartphones, smart watches, EarPods, tablets and several other electronic devices. The Vertex1 provide charge in two ways, wireless charging and charging with the appropriate charging wire. The Vertex1 also has a Bluetooth loudspeaker. All devices with Bluetooth capability and ability to play audio can pair successfully with the Vertex1 to play audio through its speaker.

  • How strong is the suction cups? Will they always hold my phone in place if I don’t apply force/strength to remove my phone from the charger?

    The built-in vacuum suction cups are there to help hold your electronics in place. However, it is always solely your responsibility to protect your devices. Meaning, you are never to fully rely on vacuum suction cups to hold your devices and protect from falling. Some phones or phone cases are made from various materials that doesn’t provide a surface in which the built-in vacuum suction cups can hold. In some instances, the phone or phone case may be dirty, oily or may have a foreign item on its housing which doesn’t provide a suitable surface layer for the vacuum suction cups to hold the way it was designed to. The same applies for all other devices connected to the vacuum suction cups.

  • Is it safe to charge my phone using the Vertex1 in my pocket?

    Yes, it is. You can also charge your other electronic devices whiles the Vertex1 is in your pocket. 

  • Can I insert a lightning cable and USB-C charging jack into the Vertex1 to speed up the recharging process?

    We don’t recommend doing that. The Vertex1 was tested to receive charge from one of the charging ports only.

  • Is the Vertex1 safe for air travel?

    Yes, the Vertex1 is safe for air travel anywhere around the world. However, before travel please do necessary research because policies can change at any time. Different methods of travel such as airplanes and boats all have their own policies that are subject to change whenever the company feels the need to.

  • Can I leave/use the Vertex1 directly in sunlight?

    It is recommended to not leave your Vertex1 in direct sunlight. Temperatures you may be referring to may be way different than temperatures we are considering when answering this question.

  • What to do if there is an issue with my Vertex1?

    Please don’t hesitate to contact customer support on the official Mo Charge Inc website and inform of any issues you’re having. Customer support will take you through the necessary diagnostics in order to identify the reason you may be facing a certain situation.

  • Is the Vertex1 safe around children/toddlers?

    Yes, the Vertex1 is safe around all persons, including adults, children and toddlers. However, we recommend that you always watch your children and toddlers to protect their safety from unforeseen situations.

  • Do Chargers come with warranty? If yes, what is the warranty?

    Yes, all chargers have warranty of three (3) months. However, there is no warranty on items purchased during a sale/special.

  • I live in the dessert where it gets extremely hot. Can the chargers withstand heat?

    Like most products, a temperature bearable to a human will not do any damages to the charger. Extremely hot temperatures, for example near a cooking oven or a fire may not be safe for the charger. It is recommended to not expose your charger to extreme heat temperatures.

  • My husband is a boat captain. Do you recommend he use out to sea?

    Vertex1 is not waterproof or water resistant, however it can be used near water. User is advised to be responsible with their product when near or in vicinity of water. The future models may be waterproof.

  • Are the chargers shockproof and durable?

    The Vertex1 charger is very strong and durable. We don’t recommend dropping or careless

  • I am a retailer. What language is the manual?

    The manual is readily available on Mo Charge Inc official website in English and Spanish. If another language is needed, there are many available translation pages online that can translate the manual to your preferred language. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Once my device is fully charged, do I need to turn off the powerbank?

    When your device is fully charged or disconnected from the Vertex1, we recommend that you turn off the Vertex1. Leaving the Vertex1 on may result in you losing valuable battery/ electrical energy. The Vertex1 will eventually and automatically turn off after a period of being inactive.

  • What should I do if my phone will not charge?

    Firstly, you should try to find the problem. Try to charge your phone with another charger to see if that works. Depending on the charging method you are trying, whether it is wireless or wired charging, you can do some test to diagnose. If you’re trying to charge your phone with a wire charging cord from the Vertex1, use that same wire and connect to an adapter and outlet. If your phone still is not charging, it may be an issue with the wire or your charging port on the phone. You can try a different wire and different device to be sure. If you’re trying wireless charging, if able, attempt wireless charging with another wireless charger. If your phone still is not charging it may be an issue with your phone’s wireless charging receiver. Feel free to contact customer support for assistance.

  • Where do you ship?

    Unfortunately, currently we only ship to destinations in The United States. If you’re living outside of the United States, you will have to use a United States address for US forward shipping services. In the future we will broaden our shipping destinations with the intent to eventually ship worldwide. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • How do I recycle the Mo Charge Vertex1 charger if needed?

    We recommend following your country or state rules and regulations for disposing components containing rechargeable batteries. You can also visit the address below to find a facility near you who recycle batteries. Do not attempt to remove the battery from the product.

  • How do I register my product?

    All original Mo Charge products purchased directly from the Mo Charge website are automatically registered when purchased through the user’s account. Customers who purchased any original Mo Charge Product through guess checkout will have to create an account to register their device. Only registered products can receive warranty.

  • How do I begin the warranty process?

    You must contact customer support so one of our agents can receive your concern. This agent may ask questions to find the best solution to resolve this matter.

  • Can I bring my Vertex1 on an airplane?

    Yes. FAA regulations advises that these items be stored in your carry on or on person. We advise you to visit for up to date information prior to travel. Also contact your airline of choice for their own personal rules and regulations.

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